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GENERAL MEETING: June 25, 2017 (note the date change due to Father’s Day)

Topic for this month’s program could be called either: “Fireside Photo Chat With Dave”, or “Working With Digitized Images” or “Digitizing With Dave””.

The June 25, (not June 18, because of Father’s Day) program title might be, “Fireside Photo Chat With Dave”, or “Working With Digitized Images” or “Digitizing With Dave”. Whatever we name the program, you are sure to be educated and entertained for a portion of an hour as Dave Clement shows how you can make simple corrections to the pictures you just took with your own cameras.

We are so fortunate to have an expert such as Dave Clement on our Membership rolls who is willing to share his knowledge with us. You will be happy to hear there are plans to revive our monthly Digital Imaging Help Desk. Several months ago when Digital Imaging SIG was in full swing, the room was always full, and members could count on an exciting FREE class as a paid member.

NOTE: Remember this meeting has moved forward 1 week to June 25. You should arrive at 2:00 PM for a Fellowship Time preceding the main meeting, which begins at 2:30 PM.

Raffle tickets are on sale now for the July 16 Annual Picnic event! See details online and in the Random Bits Newsletter, and posted with pictures at 123 South 3rd Street, LCCS Resource Center.

Questions? Call Mary Frances Rauch, V-President in charge of programs.

Join us at 2:00 for our “gathering time” and that will be followed by the short business meeting at 2:30.  The program will start after that.  If the presentation is run on a computer, we will try and share it live over Zoom for those unable to attend in person.  Watch your e-mails for more information and the link to attend.

Fifth Friday – Focus and Fun “June”

We have arrived at a month with another Fifth Friday. So that means we have another special program taking place on the Fifth Friday (June 30th , 1:00-3:30 p.m. or so) that will spend extended time focusing on a single topic and having fun doing so. We invite all members of the East-Central Ohio Technology Users Club to join us for an afternoon of learning (non-members can join up that day and then take part). Each of the past programs have been well attended and received, with people leaving wanting more.

This month our focus topic is: “You Googled it? There’s more to it!” You’re going to spend an afternoon learning a lot about Google that you probably didn’t know. Google is like a “shopping mall” (company). It has many, many different “stores” (services) within it. You can enter one of the “stores” (services) and then access any of the others.

You probably have heard and think that Google is what you do to search the web. That’s partially correct, “Google” is the company that provides you with a service called “Search”. We generally just say “Google” when we should be saying “Google Search”. But Google is much more. You probably also know that Google (the company) provides an electronic mail service called “Gmail”, or sometimes called Google Mail. But again, there’s more to it. But did you know that Google controls YouTube?

Come join us on the 30th when our tour guide, Ron Sherwood (and assisted by John Kennedy), takes us on a tour of the “anchor stores” (biggest services) that are available to you FREE of charge. Ron will talk about what service is at the center of it all and how the other services branch off from it. If you already have a “Google Account”, you will probably learn there’s a lot more to it. If you don’t have a “Google Account”, you can easily create one on the 30th and then start taking advantage of all the available services Google has to offer. We won’t be able to tell you about all of the “stores”, but will try and cover the most used and the ones that have the most to offer you. Since this service is web based, you can bring your own laptop to follow along, or you can use one of our desktop computers.

ECOTUC has started a new feature/activity for it’s members called Fifth Friday – Focus & Fun. With every few months having an extra Friday that’s not being used by the Windows Help Desk or the Linux Help Desk, we decided to see about having a topic that we can explore on a Friday afternoon and spend a little more time learning about it. Our FF-F&F begins at 1:00 p.m. and concludes around 3:30 p.m. or so. This will give some extra time for presentation, discussion, and questions vs. what time we have at our regular Monthly Meeting’s Programs. The topics will vary and depend on who volunteers to present on those Fridays and what they want to present.

For the “kick-off” FF in July, we had a presentation on the new Windows 10; and in September we had a great turn-out for a panel presentation on “Backing up your data files”.

For our December FF, our theme was “Look, Up in the Sky.  Is it a plane?  Is it a bird? Is it Superman?  No it’s “the cloud“.  

For our March FF, our theme was “Picture This”.  

We can also tell you that the October FF will be called: ” ?  “

These programs are basically for members as it’s one of the benefits of membership. But if you have a friend or family member that isn’t a member, bring they and have them get signed up as a member before the program. The $24 they spend on attending just one of our Focus and Fun Friday’s. will be money well spent. And along with just one program, they would also have access to future Fifth Friday programs, and all our other member benefits that make our membership dues come out to just about 6 ½ cents a day for all that we offer.

Coming Next Month in July: Annual Summer Picnic (details to follow)   

Looking Ahead: August – check back for details.

Remember, bring food donations for the Food Bank and bring any empty ink or toner cartridges for our recycling program.

The program for the May meeting was titled Crypto-viruses“.

The program for the April meeting was titled “Your Cellphone Is Your Friend”.

The program for the March meeting was titled “Feel Safe Again As We Go Back To The Future”.

The program for the February meeting was titled “Ken, Sue and Stacie’s Vacation to Oregon & Washington-Tips for Capturing Memories”.

The program for the January meeting was titled “Click it; Sort it; Transfer it; Save it; Access it Immediately“.

The program for the combined November/December meeting was actually our Social Time at the annual potluck and elections of officers.

The program for the October meeting was titled “On-Line Shopping“.

The program for the September meeting was titled “Happy Anniversary Windows 10: What’s New With You?“.

The program for the August meeting was titled GPS Navigation for you and your car”, and “Home Security Cameras that connect to your tablet or phone”.

The program for the July meeting was titled Had a Great Time at the Picnic, sorry you weren’t there.

The program for the June meeting was titled Technology From A Different Perspective.

The program for the May meeting was titled “Being Smarter with Android Smartphones”.

The program for the April meeting was titled “Being Smart with Android Smartphones”.

The program for the March meeting was titled “Selling Items on the Internet, with focus on Craig’s List”.

The program for the February meeting was titled “Amateur Radio and the 21st Century”.

The program for the January meeting was titled “Accessing and Using Governmental Websites”.

The program for November/December was our annual Holiday Potluck and election of officers.  Everyone had a good time and the food was also good.

The program for our October meeting was titled “Tying Up Loose Ends”.

The program for our September meeting was titled “Windows 10: Taking It For A Test Drive”.

The program for our August meeting was titled “Windows 10: What’s all the hype, what’s the rush, what’s the buzz – tell me what’s a happening”.

Any of these programs can be view on our YouTube website.  See our “Meetings” page for details.

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