Kroger Shopping Donations

Year after year, thousands of local schools, religious organizations, and other non-profit organizations receive support through Kroger Community Rewards.

Please help support ECOTUC by doing what you already do — shopping at Kroger. When you use your Kroger card, ECOTUC earns money for the organization. It’s that simple.

To enroll into the Kroger Community Rewards program or change your charitable organization to ECOTUC:

  1. Launch your favorite web browser (e.g., Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari).
  2. Visit the official Kroger Community Rewards page. Type the text below into the address or search field of your web browser.

  1. Under the I’m a Customer section, click or tap the View Details button.
  1. ALREADY REGISTERED: Sign in to your Kroger Plus online account and link an existing card as follows:
    1. Fill out the form starting with the Email Address field.
    2. Type your Password.
    3. Click or tap the Sign In button.
  1. NEED TO REGISTER: Click or tap Create an account and carefully follow the instructions.
  1. NOTE: If you already have an organization selected, you will see the Community Rewards Donation Summary page. To change the organization to ECOTUC, click or tap Change Organization.
  2. Under Find an Organization, type JH634 in the search box. This code is our unique NPO# (i.e., how Kroger identifies us).
  3. Click or tap the Search button.
  4. Click or tap the Enroll button.
  1. You have now selected ECOTUC (i.e., Licking County Computer Society Inc.) as your charitable organization. Thank you!

If you have any questions or concerns about your Kroger Plus Card or the Community Rewards program, please contact Kroger directly at 1-800-KROGERS (800-576-4377).