Teaching Program

The ECOTUC/LCAP Teaching Program

Computer courses for senior citizens and others are provided by East-Central Ohio Technology Users Club (ECOTUC) and the Licking County Aging Program (LCAP). ECOTUC provides the computers, accessories, projector, and maintains the equipment. All personnel who help manage and teach the classes are members of ECOTUC who donate their time as volunteers. LCAP provides the room, furniture, support from staff, and makes other facilities available to us.

This teaching program began in 1995, with used computers running early versions of MS-DOS. Thanks to private donations and donations from our refurbishing program, we have been able to keep abreast of the rapidly changing computer world. We upgraded to Windows 95 in 1999 and to Windows XP in 2004. Over the years we’ve upgraded to Vista, Windows 8.1 and finally Windows 10.  A history of our teaching program (click to download) describes the changes that were necessary to maintain updated instruction during the ten-year period.

Currently, we are using 13 computers running Windows 10-1709, along with the Ubuntu/Unity 16.04 version of Linux. A class consists of up to 12 students, an instructor, and 1-2 aides depending on the size of the class. Each year, approximately 210 seniors have taken advantage of low cost, highly informative instruction. Classes meet for two (2) hours per day, two (2) days per week for three (3) weeks, or they meet for three (3) days per week for just two (2) weeks.  The cost of each class is $20 for the 12 hours of instruction and help.

The “school year” consists of two sessions.  Session 1 is March, April, and May. Session 2 is August, September, and October.  Classes are not offered during the holiday months (November and December) or the wintry months (January and February).

If you would like a sign-up form for the current session, please click on this 2017_classroom_signup_sheet.

The class descriptions are found on the following page or by clicking this link. The building is spacious and an ideal learning center…. with plenty of parking even when classes are full!


Dates not yet determined.  If interested, send e-mail with name, phone number to:  lccs (dot) freejohn (at) gmail (dot) come

1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Over the past three years, this workshop has been offered for people interested in building their own computer instead of buying something off the shelf. It can be customized to your exact specifications for exactly what you are going to do with your computer. There will be an information session prior to the workshop to go over specifications for a computer and what is needed and what extras you can install.  We’ll also go over projected cost (all depends on what you want “under the hood”).  And then a field trip, to MicroCenter in Columbus, is scheduled for those wanting to pick up the parts (date/time to be determined, lunch to follow if interested).

This build can be a Linux computer (less expensive with a free operating system), a Windows computer (you’ll have to buy the operating system), or a dual-boot system (Linux and Windows side by side).

The actual building of the computer will take place TBD,  If you are installing Windows, you’ll do that on the morning of the TBD.  If you are installing Linux, you’ll do that on the afternoon of the TBD.  If you are going to dual boot both operating systems, plan on all day the TBD.  We’ll finish up any last minute needs on the TBD and take our completed computers home.

The cost of the workshop (helps cover building utilities, leaders work for free) is only $15.00.  If you are interested come to the information session, but it would be helpful if you e-mail us at lccs (period) freejohn (at) gmail (dot) com so we have an idea of how many might be interested.