We’re planning something different for our January iPad Help Desk. The Licking County Aging Program asked us to do an iPad class for seniors who may have gotten an iPad for Christmas or who are wanting to learn more about the iPads they already have. The iPad Help Desk for January will be held at Heritage Hall on East Main St at 10:00AM on January 27th. We are planning to go through the initial setups for the iPad and review some additional settings that are available.

Even though the setting is the Senior Center, all of our regular iPad Help Deskers as well as all Club members are welcome to attend. The Help Desk theme is a great way the learn. We encourage questions and welcome input from the group to get the answers.


The iPad SIG/Help Desk deals with anything related to the Apple iPad and possibly the iPhone (as they share the same OS).  Members bring their own iPads (or visitors can just come and watch) that can connect to a large screen projector to get answers to questions and problems they might be having with their iPads.

The iPad Help Desk meets at the following time:

Third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.


Hosted by: Chuck Tyndall