East-Central Ohio Technology Users Club Officers


Jim Amore, 404-3963,  president “at” lccsohio “dot” org

Vice-president/Program Chair:

Mitchell Boden,  vice “dot” president “at” lccsohio “dot” org


Nancy Grower,  secretary “at” lccsohio “dot” org


Sue Bixler,  treasurer “at” lccsohio “dot” org


David Bibler,,  agent “at” lccsohio “dot” org

trustees “at” lccsohio “dot” org

Vicky Atkins, 928-0119,  vicky “dot” atkins “at” lccsohio “dot” org
Jim Holton,  trustees “at” lccsohio “dot” org
Jim Grower,  jimgrower “at” lccsohio “dot” org

APCUG Representative:

Mary Frances Rauch,  APCUG “dot” rep “at” lccsohio “dot” org 

Newsletter Editor:

Rich Allen,  newsletter “at” lccsohio “dot” org


Ken Bixler,  membership “at” lccsohio “dot” org


Mary Frances Rauch,  hospitality “at” lccsohio “dot” org

Repair/Maintenance Help Desk/SIG:

Jim Amore and/or Everett McKee,  repair “at” lccsohio “dot” org

Digital Imaging Help Desk/SIG:

David Clement,  digitalimagesig “at” gmail “dot” com

Linux Help Desk/SIG:

Ken Bixler and/or John Kennedy,  linux “at” lccsohio “dot” org

Raspberry Pi Help Desk/SIG:

Ken Bixler and/or Rich Allen,

Computer Recycling Program:

Jim Amore, Events Coordinator, 404-3963,  Jim “dot” Amore “at” lccsohio “dot” org

Computer Refurbishing Program:

Bill Toothman, (project assistant)

Teaching program:

John Kennedy, Chairman,  lccs “dot” freejohn “at” gmail “dot” com


John Kennedy,  lccs “dot” freejohn “at” gmail “dot” com


Note: Phone numbers listed are in area code 740 except where listed.

Contact us:  ecotu “dot” club “at” gmail “dot” com 


**We apologize for not including “live” mail links, but we have been hit with e-mail address harvesters and some of our names/addresses are now being used in SPAM.